Monday, March 05, 2012

Hello everyone!
Although I am not really new to blogging, I am new to blogspot and I'm not even sure what caused me to start one of these. My friend Trinity and I were talking about the "olden days" of xanga and myspace and she told me about how she had a blog. So I thought, sure, why not. And since I am a graphic design major and have every other technology/social networking site known to man, I should probably have a legit blog as well.

Today was a pretty great day. I feel like I hardly did anything except go to class and study for Government. But I also went to my Proverbs 31 bible study and that was a wonderful time. Tonight we just talked, shared about our lives and built our relationships. And then a dorm was holding a little coffee shop concert which was great because they sang one of my favorite songs by the Avett brothers.

After that, me and my two friends went on a spontaneous McDonald's run and I drove. See the thing about coming back to campus late is that there are no parking spots. At all. So I had to parallel park. And you know what? I DID IT. And it actually looks good. But I guess it helps that my car is really small. :)

Well, I suppose that's it for the first post. Now I guess I'll go back to studying and pinteresting.


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