Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons

Here is all that you need for this project:
Scrapbook paper (or any other patterned paper)
Glue, scissors, thread and a pencil

The second picture above is what they end up looking like!

First things first: pick out 3-5 pieces of your favorite scrapbook paper. I bought this lovely set at Wal-Mart for about $4. It came with at least 50 pages so I can use it them over again!

Next, take one piece and fold it in half, and draw half of your hot air balloon. 
This way when you cut it out it will be symmetrical.


Use this same shape as a template for cutting out your other sides of the balloon. 
Repeat so you have 5 hot air balloons cut out.

Fold each down the middle and start gluing one side to another. Don't use too much glue or else the pages will become wavy.

 Your balloon should end up looking something like this when you glue all of the sides together:

When you have let the glue dry, you can just leave or take it a step further and hang them from your ceiling. I used white thread to just tie it around the bars on the drop ceiling. You can poke a couple holes at the top of your hot air balloon and thread it through, making the thread the any length you want.

And that's it! As you can see I made all of mine different sizes and lengths, so I encourage you to experiment with the size. I hope this was an easy DIY and enjoyable do. Any questions, leave in the comments! :)


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