Thursday, November 19, 2015

November / Playlist

I've been listening to these tracks during autumn and thought I would make a quick late November playlist. Let me know of your favorites. On Spotify – listen here!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

September Mix / Playlist

Hey everyone! I haven't done a playlist in a while, so here's what I'm feeling in September. Some of my favorites include Halsey's album (a must listen), the new City & Colour tracks, as well as the new CHVRCHES singles. Fall is always a good time for music. Hope you dig it! 

Listen on Spotify HERE!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Valley & The Process

For me, writing and blogging has to be this "whole," completed thing. I have to have a lesson and have learned it and maybe after reading it, others can draw from it too. Because that's how it goes, right? I struggle, I tell you the story, and then tell you how God prevails, etc etc etc.

Well, I don't feel like that. I haven't felt like I have that. A "thing" to share with you all that the Lord has so triumphantly pulled me through. I feel like I'm not at a place to write what I've been learning. Because there's been so much. And I don't think I quite know what the lesson is just yet. Maybe there isn't even a lesson right now.

But I still feel the pull to write.

I get upset because I can't write. I get upset because I feel like I have nothing to write about. I get upset because I don't have a resolution. I get upset because I feel like my trials are insignificant. I get upset because I feel like no one cares, like no one can relate, like I am very little.

I notice everyone else's nice words to each other on social media. A long heartfelt post here, a lengthy thankful photo caption there. Your photos of you and your friends laughing. Your party you're at. You having the best time you've ever had.

I get angry. So silently angry at you. That your life looks better than mine. I harbor bitterness. Hey, didn't mine used to look good? Didn't I have everything sort of figured out? Wasn't I the one that people looked up to?

What have I done to not receive these things? Should I keep in better contact with my friends? Did I isolate myself? Should I have not chosen to work 8-5 all week? Should I have chosen an easier job, where I can watch netflix and still be considered on the clock?

Why does it seem like I'm the only one? Why do I care what people put on facebook and instagram and twitter and every other stupid social media site? Do I actually have qualities to offer that someone might notice and positively point out? Why do I feel like I need that?

...Who am I?
Harboring bitterness? Those words have never, ever defined me. Lots of change has happened, but I didn't think I would feel "bitter." I hate even writing that word. I hate writing any of these words down at all. I hate the fact that I even let them cross my mind. I'd like to just keep them in my heart and let them simmer there. The last thing I'd want to do is write a blog post and proactively put it out there for people to read. (hah.) I'm afraid people don't want to know what going on with my heart because they won't be interested. Because my life is too irrelevant now.

I realize this is the enemy, literally filling my head with lies. Sometimes I like to believe them.

But this is good for me to do. To write this all out. To process.

I don't know what my resolution is. Only Jesus does. But all I know is, the encourager still needs to be encouraged. All I am really doing is trying–Trying to figure out what adult life is, what life is at all, what my place is right now. And that's wearing me down.

I'm glad for the valley. But the uphill trek feels exhausting.

This is my prayer–That Jesus would heal me and I would be whole, looking to Him for everything. For Him to reveal to me what makes me the person that I am. Why I'm special and why I am worth loving.

I know He will– He always does.
God is greater than my heart. He knows everything. (1 John 3:20)

I'm excited to see what's ahead. I'm excited to learn and to grow. Even if it takes hard steps along the way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mid May Mix / Playlist

Heeeeeeey! I seem to be starting most of my conversations like that now-a-days. Good news: new mix for your ears! Whether you're gettin' through finals, driving home, workin' that 9 to 5, or just having a good day, put on these tunes. A lot of these tracks are new releases from some of my favorite artists. Hope you enjoy. Listen to this on Spotify here!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Spring Rain / Playlist

A little rainy day spring playlist for April. You can find this on Spotify here.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Valentine's Mix / Playlist

I hope your February is going as swell as mine! This list has some more fun and upbeat indie pop tracks as well as some slow ballads here and there. My personal favorite tracks- Take The World by Johnnyswim and Electric Love By B├śRNS. You can find it on spotify here!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Top 10 Albums / 2014

Here are my top 10 albums of 2014 (in no particular order. Because I really couldn't decide an order.) My music taste is a giant genre spectrum--I surprise myself sometimes.

Ledges | Noah Gundersen

This album is literally everything. Noah Gundersen is one of the most talented songwriters and without a doubt one of my favorite musicians. Every song on the album speaks to me and the lyrics are laced with emotion. I had heard many of these songs before they came out on a legit album as he played them for various videos on youtube and was so stoked to see them recorded and brought to an album. I got the pleasure of seeing him live this past March and he did not disappoint.

Favorite Songs:
First Defeat, Time Moves Quickly, Dying Now

Borderland | John Mark McMillan

The long awaited new McMillan album. It felt like we had waited for this for ages. I swear I was counting down the days until this album was released. John Mark is one of the most interesting artists and I love his creative mind. His ability to take worship music and mold it to be something completely unique is a true art form. I absolutely love the concept for the album, the 'borderland' and exploring what that is.

Favorite Songs:
Love At The End, Heart Runs, Future / Past, Counting On

Lost In The Dream | The War On Drugs

I see this on so many 'Top 2014 album' lists and there is no reason why it shouldn't be on everyone's list. Most of all, I love the sound of this album. I want to take this and listen to it on my next road trip. Red Eyes has been one of my most played track this year. If you haven't had a chance to stream this, add it to your queue right now.

Favorite Songs:
Red Eyes, Burning, Lost In The Dream

Struggle Pretty | Penny and Sparrow

Hands down my favorite album of 2014. No question. I discovered Penny and Sparrow this summer at a point which could almost be considered fate. I got the chance to see them in KC this summer and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. They have grown to be one of my favorite bands. Their songs are about love, struggle, disappointment, honesty and so much more. Not to mention the sound is incredible. If you're looking for one new band, pleeeease check these guys out. They are fantastic.

Favorite Songs:
Serial Doubter, Bread and Bleeding, To Haunt To Startle, Thunder, Reeth

Sweet Disarray | Dan Croll

I was straight jamming to Dan Croll this past summer. I love this guy's sound so much. The whole album is great and it's extremely strong for a debut album. Every song could be great on it's own too; Dan Croll has almost reinvented the wheel for indie pop.

Favorite Songs:
From Nowhere, In / Out, Wanna Know

ZABA | Glass Animals

Freakin' Glass Animals. These guys are so weird, but sooo good. Their sound is so unique, I can see why so many people are fans of these guys. Their rich layers and use of percussion on each track make you feel like you should be in another world. I had 'Pools' on repeat daily this last semester. They have an essence of Alt-J but so much more poppy and dancey; almost intergalactic, if music can be described like that. #peanutbuttervibes

Favorite Songs:
Pools, Gooey, Psylla, Black Mambo

Rivers In The Wasteland | NEEDTOBREATHE

This album is so much. So many things. Everything. It's almost a resolution for the band and all they have been through. I've been a fan of Needtobreathe for years and this album is one of my favorites. I listened to this album and this album only for a good portion of 2014. The whole album track order is a story, but each individual song on it's own is fantastic. I got to see these guys back in April and it was their first live show playing the new album, most of which they told us they had never played for a crowd before. SO. GOOD.

Favorite Songs:
Rise Again, The Heart, Multiplied, More Heart Less Attack

Diamonds | Johnnyswim

Yeee! Johnnyswim just makes me happy. I discovered these guys through a photographer that I follow on Twitter and was sold when I heard 'Diamonds.' They are a husband and wife duo which makes it even better. Their chemistry and harmonies are raw and beautiful all at the same time. If you're a fan of bands like The Civil Wars or The Lone Bellow, you'll like these guys.

Favorite Songs:
Diamonds, Home, You and I, Take The World

My Everything | Ariana Grande

Does this album stick out like a sore thumb among my list? If so, man. I don't even care. I really, really love this album. As far as pop albums go, it's a confident, intelligent and relatable album. Aside from the hits on the radio, there are some tracks on the album with meaning to them. Plus- she has an amazing voice, much more virtuosic than any other female pop artist in 2014.

Favorite Songs:
Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart, One Last Time, Best Mistake, My Everything

Sylvan Esso | Sylvan Esso

These guys are a fun little duo. It's insane that Sylvan Esso is only comprised of two people. My friend told me to check these guys out and I wasn't disappointed! They have a fun sound and seem so chill in all of the interviews I've watched. I imagine most of these tracks being played in a coffee shop or a chill environment. A must listen from 2014.

Favorite Songs:
Coffee, Hey Mami, Play It Right

Honorable Mentions:
1989 | Taylor Swift
Hozier | Hozier
Native Dreamer Kin | Joseph
I Forget Where We Were | Ben Howard

Thanks for reading! And feel free to share your favorites from 2014.