Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First Day of Spring

I keep telling myself I need to write a post and here I am at 12:30am listening to LaBlogotheque's Take Away Shows on youtube (which are brilliant by the way). I really can't get enough good music.

I am still in Ohio at my grandmother's house. Sometimes it gets lonely up here because I don't have a lot of family, but I enjoy it because it's a different environment then the city. Yesterday my mom and I drove out to the farm that our family owns and just drove around and took pictures. I love going there. So many fond memories of when my great-grandmother lived there and when we would visit in winter and summer.

The pictures don't do it justice.
We also went to a little park were my my mom and family used to go when she was little. It was a quaint little spot with lake houses and a beach :O)

These were fun.
I hope you are having a wonderful spring break. I'm sorry I'm so short on words today, I don't know why this is. But I am thankful that you are reading :)



  1. I love the house photos especially. They feel sparse but perfect, which is kinda weird but I know no other way to describe it. I would love to romp around that yard, in a "Where The Wild Things Are" fashion. :3