Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Stories

Well, it's time for my seasonal blog post! Really though, it seems as if I only post once every season. But hey, that's alright. I don't usually make new years resolutions, but I do want to keep up with this blog more often. This time of year seems like the perfect time to write because it's chilly outside and all anybody wants to do is stay inside. So here I am, sitting in the Starbucks cafe at Barnes and Noble recapping my past week or two.

I traveled to Ohio to see my family again this Christmas. Even though we don't have a very large family, I can always find something to do there. It snowed a total of 12 inches while we were there and not many more things make me happier than a good amount of snow. My grandma has a wooded area behind her house, so it was fun to do some adventuring through the snow to take some photos and enjoy the rare sight. While we were there I finally got to see my cousins; I had not seen them since last Christmas. My youngest cousin, Ryan, is possibly my favorite person in the entire world. He's eight years old now and my aunt and uncle adopted him from Ukraine when he was about two years old. His hair is so blonde and he still has a little bit of an accent when he speaks. It's precious. I really wish we saw them more often because I think Ryan misses me. A couple days after Christmas, we were all eating dinner and he suddenly crawled up into my lap, sighed, and said, "I just really miss you."And he told me all about his school, and his friends, and his favorite things and it made me so happy. When they were leaving, he shouted over everybody to me, "I'll love you and miss you forever!!" Heart. Melted. I luff him so much. Seeing him was probably the highlight of my entire week there.

I then rode back to St. Louis and my parents dropped me off at my friend Trinity's house. I've blogged about St. Louis before, and I don't know why, but I just really enjoy St. Louis! Maybe it's because I don't usually travel to other places besides Springfield and Bolivar, but next to Kansas City it is one of my favorite places in Missouri. There are so many cool things to do there, a lot of awesome stuff to see, and a ton of photo opportunities. Pictured above are the teapots from the London Tea Room. That place is precious and the food is wonderful. And it's London themed--who doesn't enjoy that? I'm glad we stumbled across it. We went to other various places--the Galleria, St. Louis Art Museum, Forest Park and The Old Spaghetti Factory just to name a few. The art museum was probably my favorite because art is cool, right? Right. We then met up and spent the night at our friend's house about an hour away. Needless to say, I love those people. Sometimes we like to play this old game from the 90's called 'Dream Phone' and it's hilarious. We like to replace the names of the guys on the board with names of guys that we actually know and that makes it pretty interesting.

On Sunday we were all invited to the wedding of our friend Ronni and the wedding was here in Springfield. They chose the Savoy for the venue and it was perfect, as is every wedding that's ever been there. I didn't take any pictures which I sort of regret, but it was so much fun anyways. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was so much fun because of …well, dancing. Dancing is actually the best, especially at weddings because everybody is dressed nice and it's great when all of your friends are there. I love weddings so much.

These past few weeks have been actually quite wonderful. A lot of my friends here are going back to their schools this weekend, while I still have another week of break left. I'm cherishing every moment of it and realizing how important friends are to me. I can't express that enough, ever. As always, I hope you find this season to be treating you warmly. Don't worry, I will be planning to post more often :)


  1. Just came across your blog, and I have to say I love St. Louis too ;)
    Also, what a great last name you have. haha.
    I clicked on your prints and realized that I have pinned one of them before--you have a great eye! If you ever want to collaborate, I would love to share your prints or style one for a photo shoot or do a giveaway. Promoting under appreciated art is a little hobby of mine.
    Nice to "meet" you!

    1. Hi Jillian! It seems that every time I blog about something, it involves St. Louis. But I am pretty okay with that :) I'm from Springfield, MO so I enjoy going up there a lot.
      Thank you! You have a great last name as well, haha. My friend is from the St. Louis area and mentioned your blog to me a while back, and I love everything you post and enjoy following you. Congrats on the new baby! Also, Cash is adorable.
      I would LOVE to do a collab! I plan on putting more art on my society6 store in the next month, so maybe we could set something up soon :)