Monday, October 01, 2012

Ha Ha Tonka - The post I never posted

This past Labor Day I visited Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Missouri with a group of my friends. I've always wanted to go there because I've seen pictures of how beautiful it is! And it truly is. If you ever have a chance to go and hike, or just to walk around with your friends, you should go. They have so many beautiful trails. There's also these really neat castle ruins that were the walls of a mansion built in the 1920s. It's a great place to take pictures, and that's just what I did :O)

These are only a couple, but they are my favorite ones. I loved hiking and hanging out with these wonderful people that I went with.

P.S. I just found this in my drafts. A month later. Did I mention I'm bad at blogging?! :)

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